MM52.Net / 通往舞台的路 Tchanaparh depi krkes (1963) 

通往舞台的路 Tchanaparh depi krkes (1963)

又名: Путь на арену | Put na arenu | Road to the Stage
IMDB 評分: 7.9 分 ( 32 票 ) ;
導演: ; ;
出品公司: Armenfilm Studios, 國家: SUHH, 語言: RU
影片時長: 88 分鐘 ,

簡介:   Despite his parents opposition, professor Yengibaryan's youngest son dreams of becoming clown and making people laugh. That's so simple, Leonid thinks. However, the director of the circus doesn't thinks so, but noticing Leonid's great abilities, takes him to the circus as a costumer. Leonid and stage-artist Irina fall in love, and Irina takes an active interest in his career....