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精神病院 Asylum (1972)

又名: 收容所 | 瘋人院 | House of Crazies
IMDB 評分: 6.5 分 ( 6655 票 ) ; 專家評分: 6.5 分
導演: ;
出品公司: Amicus Productions, 國家: GB, 語言: EN
影片時長: 88 分鐘 , 電影分級: PG

簡介:   Framing StoryDr Martin (Robert Powell) arrives at a secluded asylum "for the incurably insane" to be interviewed for a job by the wheelchair-using, authoritarian Dr Lionel Rutherford (Patrick Magee). Rutherford explains that he owes his current incapacitation to an attack by an inmate. Rutherford reveals his unorthodox plan to determine Martin's suitability for the post of head Doctor. One of the asylum's current inmates is Dr B. Starr, the former head doctor who underwent a complete mental br...